Our messy play sessions are a great way for your baby or toddler to explore different materials, textures and smells, helping them learn about the mechanics of the world. It may seem like a lot of fun however, there is some serious fundamental learning going on.


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The messy patch was a real great option for my son’s birthday party. The owner Nadia, is professional, timeous and has a lovely nature. The children loved her! The workshop was interactive, very stimulating and creative. The children were constantly busy and had so much fun! We are now attending the weekly workshops. Other moms were very impressed and I know 5 of them have already booked the messy patch for their children’s birthdays and play dates. I greatly recommend them and will be using them again!

- Claudia Bywater

Luna and I absolutely love the messy patch! Every week has a different theme and different activities. The activities are inspired and always so interesting. Nádia is really fantastic at what she does and we look forward to every session every week. Luna went from hating being "messy" to getting so involved in all the activities - I absolutely loved watching her grow through messy play!'

- Liana

Nadia is absolutely exceptional at what she does! Everything is so organized, professional and beautifully done!! She is so creative and goes way above and beyond! Every child at my daughters 3rd birthday absolutely LOVED the messy play! It’s something so different and fun! That keep the kids entertained for hours!! And the absolutely incredible messy play party packs were a Hit! Every mom messaged me and told me how amazing it was that their kids could just come home and be even more entertained with no sugar hype while they relaxed ! I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone! Thank you Nadia!

- Chloe

My son absolutely LOVES his Messy Patch play time! We always arrive to find that the Messy Patch team has set-up themed and brightly coloured play stations full of different textures and objects for little ones to explore. Nadia is wonderful and rotates through the play experience making sure to spend some time with each child that is there. It's a definite win for me as I get to get out a bit and for my son who gets to socialise, play and get messy!

- Silvia

Our Play Groups

All our Play Groups are created based around the EYFS framework and inspired by different themes. Our one-hour Play Groups allow babies and toddlers the freedom to move around at their own pace and explore and socialize with others around them.  

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