Terms & Conditions


General Terms

  1. Parents/guardians are solely responsible for the care and safety of a child/children whilst attending our workshop/party/session. Under no circumstances will parents/guardians be allowed to leave their child/children unattended during a workshop/party/session in the play area/facility.
  2. The Messy Patch will not be liable if any Parent/ guardian/guest/child/children that gets injured whilst using any equipment or coming into contact with materials/food items during the play session that caused harm or illness.
  3. The Messy Patch will not be liable for any loss or damages to personal possessions during the duration of a workshop/party/play session.
  4. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian before attending a workshop/party/session to inform The Messy Patch of any allergies that a child/children might have. It is also the  sole responsibility of the parent/ guardian to ensure the child/children , does/do not interact with any items edible/non edible that may cause harm/ illness /accident or an allergic reaction to a child/children.
  5. The Messy Patch will not be liable for any marks, stains, or damages to clothing. All parents/guardians/child/children are recommended to wear clothing appropriate for our play session.
  6. We recommend that all materials/food items provided should not be consumed by the babies/toddlers as some products despite being edible, no toxic and hypoallergenic could potentially cause illness/harm/an allergic reaction.
  7. Parents/guardians are responsible for supervising a child/children whilst playing with edible and non-edible items such as toys as this could be a potential choking hazard. The Messy Patch will not be liable for any illness, accident, death or allergic reaction found to be directly attributed by any items such as a food/ material/or items provided during a play session.

COVID-19 and Illness Terms & Conditions:

  1. Parents/Guardians/Guests are advised to not attend the workshop/party/session with a child/children if they or the child/children are feeling ill and are a risk of infecting other parents/guardians/guests/children attending a workshop/party/play session.
  2. If a parent/guardian/guest/child/child have suffered from any illness or flu like symptoms such as (Covid -19). It is advised to self-isolate for 14 days or more, and seek professional medical advice/care.
  3. We are committed to following all procedures and protocol regulations instructed by the government at our workshops/parties. The Messy Patch will not be liable should a parent/guardian/child/children be diagnosed with COVID-19 and or any other illness whilst at The Messy Patch. We will request that a parent/guardian/child/children leave the play area/facility if they pose a potential risk to others.
  4. All parents/guardians/guests are responsible to inform The Messy Patch should you, your child/children show any symptoms related to COVID-19 or other illnesses, so that The Messy Patch can carry out the contact trace process and inform other parents/guardians.
  5. Any parent / guardian/guest entering The Messy Patch Play area will be required to wear a face mask at all times. Children between the ages of two (2) and five (5) are required to wear a face mask however it is at the parents/guardian discretion as to whether the child / children wear a face mask, should the parents / guardian choose to allow their child / children (under five(5)) to not wear a face mask The Messy Patch cannot be held liable for any infections/illness contracted, this including COVID-19, by the child / children.
  6. In the event that we enter another lockdown, and The Messy Patch is not permitted to host workshops/ parties due to restrictions and regulations. All workshops/parties will be postponed till further notice and no refunds will be offered for workshops/parties. Arrangements will be made for cancelled workshops/parties and new dates will be available once lockdown restrictions have been lifted by government.

Workshop Refunds & Cancellations:

  1. We regret we do not to provide refunds in the event of non-attendance and/or cancelled workshops/sessions. It is the responsibility of a parent/guardian to inform The Messy Patch if they are unable to attend a session or, should a parent/guardian not be able to attend the remaining sessions, these sessions may be assigned to an alternative individual such as a family member or friend. Missed workshops/sessions cannot be made up/ or refunded, due to our workshop curriculum.
  2. A upfront payment of the full amount of a workshop and/or session is required prior to the workshop date. Any parent/ guardian that has not booked or paid for their child/children’s play session before hand may not enter the play area.
  3. Should any workshops be cancelled by The Messy Patch due to staff illness, low attendance, unforeseen circumstances, or COVID-19 you will be notified prior to the session and arrangements will be made for the workshops/session for another available date.

Party Bookings & Refunds

  1. We regret we do not to provide refunds on deposits and/or full amounts in the event of a cancelled party.
  2. A parent/guardian may postpone/reschedule a party for the next available dates. All postponed or rescheduled parties must be discussed and emailed to The Messy Patch a week prior to the date as we cannot be liable for all the preparation work that goes into a party.
  3. In the event The Messy Patch is unable to host your party due to unforeseen circumstances, COVID-19 or illness the parent/guardian will be contacted prior to the event and a full refund will be issued or the party may be rescheduled.
  4. An additional travel fee will be charged for parties / set ups outside the Johannesburg / Cape Town areas. This amount is due the week of the party.
  5. All party bookings must be confirmed by making payment to The Messy Patch through our booking system. The Messy Patch cannot reserve a party date without payment and will not be liable for a party that is booked on the same day/or time.
  6. Please be advised that the party packages will not be changed if there should be less attendance closer to the party date and that our party packages are not calculated per child attending. All our party packages are a (Up to package) so should there be a change in the amount of children attending the party, the party package will stay the same. For example: A Up to 15 Party Packages was booked for 15 children but only 7 children will be attending now OR Your party is for 8 children only and not 15. The Up to 15 party package will still apply.
  7. Please note that party packs / boxes do not fall part of the Party Packages and will need to be purchased separately at a additional cost.
  8. The Messy Patch does not offer any catering services and/or venue hires. We also do not offer any gazebo’s, umbrellas, party equipment and/or decorations. It remains the responsibility of the parent/guardian/person to ensure that The Messy Patch may host the party on the day, at the allocated venue. The Messy Patch will not be liable for any unforeseen circumstances regarding this point, such as and not only: (a) Venue cancellation (b) Weather.
  9. Please be advised that The Messy Patch will not host any party / event if full payment has not been received prior to the party date. The Messy Patch reserves the right to cancel on the day of the party / event or make arrangements for another schedule date once payment has been received in full.
  10. The Messy Patch has a right to cancel any event if it fails to fall under certain travel scopes or/ and not limited to any health and safety requirements.

Waiver and Release from Liability:

  1. I / We agree to waive any and all claims that I / We may have or may have in the future against The Messy Patch, its officers, trustees, agents and employees, from any and all liability for any loss, damage, expense or personal injury, including death, due to ay cause whatsoever, including breach of contract, breach of negligence or breach of care.
  2. To hold harmless and indemnify The Messy Patch from any and all liability for any property damage, loss or injury, including death, to any third party.
  3. These terms will be binding on My / Our heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, assignees and representatives.
  4. I / We agree that any and all duties and obligations arising from this document shall be governed and exercised within the jurisdiction of the works shops.
  5. Should any litigation arise, there will be exclusive jurisdiction within the area of the workshops.