Canvas Painting & Biscuit Decorating Party

From: R1,900.00

  • R1900 – Up to 10 Children Party Package
  • R190 per child there after
  • 1.5 hours
  • Customized Paperless Party invite
  • Awesome Party Hosts
  • 2 Canvas to paint and decorate
  • 1 Customized Theme Biscuit to paint and decorate
  • Variety of Craft Materials
  • Aprons
  • Our canvas tables and chairs
  • Setup and clean-up

Let your kids channel their inner artist and create their own unique masterpieces with our Canvas Painting and Biscuit Party! Children will have the opportunity to explore creativity through choosing from several colours, glitters and more!


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Bookings are available between these hours:

10am-11am | 11am-12pm
2pm-3pm | 3pm-4pm


Time slot is 1 hour to clean before and 1 hour after party. Actual party is 1 hour. (Eg, Party Starts 10:00, we arrive 9:00 to setup & leave at 12:00 after we have cleaned up)


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